• Review:
    • He is a great translator vouched for his translation skills and he definitely does a great job, as far as writing and language skills are concerned. It hadn’t been long since I hired him but I already noticed a problem, he procrastinates too much and leaves everything for the last minute, he can finish one chapter within 30 minutes but instead of finishing up everything early, he decides to leave them alone until I rushed him to submit the chapters. Then there’s also the communication problem, whenever you ask him a question, he only answered with the bare minimum words so it’s hard to strike up a conversation with him.
    • Writing Skills (4/5):
      • I do not see much problem with his writing skills, though he tends to stick to the same sentence structure as the raw so some wording can get a bit awkward. I’ve advised him that he could combine the sentences and mix them up a little so the writing will flow better, so I am hoping that this will improve in the future.
    • Language Skills (5/5):
      • I have yet to find any mistakes in translation, some of them could be worded better, but that’s mostly related to the writing skills.
    • Punctuality (2/5):
      • Can finish one chapter within 30 minutes but procrastinate too much and leave everything until the last minute. It’ll probably be a good idea to give him a weekly quota from now on so that he wouldn’t leave everything until the eleventh hour.
    • Communication (2/5):
      • Hard to communicate with him, he only replied with the minimal words so it’s hard to strike up a conversation and sometimes he just ignores you.

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