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    • Since preschool, moving around was part of my life, friends were short term and I stayed at a boarding school with biweekly home visits. However, one of the constant things was books.At first it was Chinese novels, but when I went to the US, it became English ones instead. However, I still remember going shopping every weekend while listening to Jin Yong’s Wuxia novels with my parents in the car.Now, almost a decade and a half later, my Chinese roots have faded. Last winter (Jan 2015), I took a trip back to China for an internship, and one of the things that were foremost on my mind after this trip was reconnecting with these roots.

      I joined Re:Library in early January of 2016 picking up the novel Aspirations for Nation and Beauty, a epic war saga with historical inspirations set in a fantasy world. I hope everyone will enjoy my work! 😀

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