• Review:
    • Aurum commands good mastery of English writing skills and decent Japanese language skills, but sometimes, though rarely, he would translate a bit too straightforward and made the reading a bit awkward for English native readers. The biggest problem with him is not his translation skills, however, but his time management skills.
    • Writing Skills (4/5):
      • I don’t have much complain with his writing skills aside being too straightforward at times.
    • Language Skills (4/5):
      • Very knowledgeable about the Japanese language, though there are still times when the translation doesn’t quite make sense, although very rarely.
    • Punctuality (0/5):
      • Always late. Had to keep reminding him to translate almost every single day and still failed to deliver on time.
    • Communication (5/5):
      • It is easy to reach out to him on Discord and he always talks about pizza or games.

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