• Review:
    • The first Korean translator hired by Re:Library, a spunky and lively individual. Has a fair knowledge of the Korean language and adequate English writing skills. Easy to communicate with and his lively personality always brightens your day. For some reason, however, as though a gloomy cloud had covered the sun, his positive vibes took a complete 180 turn. He suddenly stopped participating in chat as much, gives off a negative vibes, and would ignore your messages.
    • Writing Skills (3/5):
      • He is able to properly convey the meaning of the text, but the sentences are sometimes awkwardly worded. He need to work on his grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
    • Language Skills (4/5):
      • The translation is mostly accurate, I deducted one point because, though rarely, there are times where he misinterpreted the context.
    • Punctuality (2/5):
      • Always leaves work until the last minute and ultimately missed the deadline.
    • Communication (3/5):
      • During the first few months, he was easy to reach and chat with, but motivation dimmed quickly and now he even started ignoring my direct messages.

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