Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 34

Rain is a blessing from heaven. I almost died from heatstroke at work just now, no kidding. It was so hot I could feel the heat getting into my head. Why can’t the weather play nice and lower the temperature to a moderate degree! Don’t you just hate summer? It’s so hot to an unreasonable degree! What’s worst than summer is that you are in a tropical country where summer is prevalent 365 days a year.

Thoughts of the day:
I wish spring would come to me, in both meanings. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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6 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 34”

  1. My anthropology teacher once said that, when the missionaries went to convert the Inuit, they had to change their description of hell. Eternally burning didn’t seem like a bad thing for people living year long in a cold climate.

    1. It gets weirder. Most people’s ideas of hell comes from Dante, and he was basically writing Christian fanfic. He didn’t like Greek heroes very much, so you get weirdness like Alexander being in hell while Caesar was in purgatory. Go figure. That and hell and heaven were supposed to be actual physical places on Earth. Or you get abstruse descriptions like hell being “distance from God” which is vague.

  2. Well… Againgst the cold, you can at the very least be under layers of clothing… But against heat… You can’t shed ur skin , muscles n’ so on…

    1. That’s one reason I dislike summer as there’s only so much you can take off and alleviate with a/c.

      But in the end when you get to the below -30c range you just question why would anyone live in a place where the air hurts their face but at least that’s only when being forced to go out.

    1. Oh yes, the wind can be annoying as all hell. Whenever I was at work, the wind would play tricks on me and blow away my straw hat. Though the wind felt refreshing, it is annoying when it keeps blowing my straw hat away and expose my head to the hot sun. >.<

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