Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 17

When you pick up a new hobby, you have to give up on another.
I picked up translating and I have to sacrifice my time for my family and the time to indulge in my other hobbies such as gaming, and reading novels.

A free translation isn’t really “free”, think of the time, dedication, and sweat the translators pour into their work before you say or do anything potentially harmful. Most people take free translations for granted and demand for more, but they never once considered the work put behind the translations.

Changed Dynasty to Empire since I felt that it’s more fitting in a fantasy setting

Click here to read Chapter 17 – Fencing, Horsemanship, Archery

9 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 17”

  1. I am aware of such sacrifice and very thankful for the translators’ dedication for continuing your incredulous feat in your work~ apologies that I can’t write a simple appreciation and praise for your hard work as I read most of my favourite novels offline

  2. Yeah, I tried – damn hard, unless you don’t care about result 🙂

    Btw Heian is an era same as Joumon (stone age), Sengoku(warring states medieval), Bakufu(Tokugawas’ shogunate) etc. Believed to be the golden age of Japanese culture.

  3. agreed. I can always read more books. you have a finite time to spend, and more people should appreciate that. Also, this is one of the stories I added to my RSS feed the moment I caught up, keep being awesome.

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