[HCLS] Chapter 79

Here’s Chapter 79 of High Comprehension Low Strength~

I don’t understand why HCLS is easier to translate compared to MWBG and my previous project Nine Yang Sword Saint(NYSS). Maybe it’s because it doesn’t add too many extra terms? Or maybe it’s because I don’t need to Google all the terms…


5 thoughts on “[HCLS] Chapter 79”

  1. Same problem for me.

    There was a M C with a similar name so I didn’t fing out at the start. But I could not understand how this scene could play in the restaurant from last chapter.

    1. It’s working for me though :u

      Edit: Apparently it didn’t post when it was scheduled for and WordPress didn’t give me a notification saying that it missed its schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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