[Poll] High Comprehension Low Strength

Hello readers,

From the site stats that I’ve seen, it seems like High Comprehension Low Strength isn’t a popular series. Therefore, I will set up a poll to decide whether or not I drop it for another series.

Please vote, it will help me decide whether or not I do so.

Here is the link: Strawpoll

Thank you in advance,

7 thoughts on “[Poll] High Comprehension Low Strength”

  1. Dont drop it, i for one really love the story and am sad and disappointed you want to drop it…plz dont and keep up the good work. Thx

      1. Do you have a Parton account? Also will you be translating that MWBG series their? if so i would like to become a patron on your account. So could you give link to your patron account page.

    1. What i would like to know is what is so good about it that you want keep it? Because when I read the synapsis the hole story premise sounded really boring and filled with cleshas and with out any real attempt to distinguish itself from every other cultivation novel out their. Also i whent to the novel updates web page read some reviews on it and it just confirmed what i had all ready suspected about the story. On nother note i could think of like a dozen or so novels that are ten time more interesting than this novel which are not being translated by anyone right now.

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