Even more Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Updates

Hey everyone, Selutu here. Sorry for the long absence here, like I said in the previous update, somethings came up, so I had to put the novel on hiatus for a while.

Well, I’m sure you guys know what kind of crap Qidian International did this time, right? So I’ll cut straight to it. This weekend, I’ll be releasing a load of chapters (well, less than the other mass releases I’ve done), then we’ll cut it at that.

It’s been a great run and I really don’t want to drop the novel, but honestly, the kind of stuff Qidian International is pulling is really getting me worried. I don’t want to get dragged into that sort of mess.

So… tata for the most part. Although, I will be posting fanfics of the novel, so you guys might want to read that. winks

23 thoughts on “Even more Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Updates”

  1. Thank you for all your work up to this point. It was an enjoyable easygoing read that I found myself unable to stop after starting.

    I hope that should you continue your translations, you find your efforts rewarding.

    ~Sincerely a fan

  2. I love reading fanfictions, especially if they have no real connection to the actual story. 😀 Thanks for your previous work on this novel, I will definitely follow you to your fanfictions as well. Best regards

  3. I hope everything can be sorted out so that we’ll be able to get our release of VP&A. Thanks translator for your hard work. We appreciate it. 😄

  4. Wait! Didn’t QI take hidden marriage from Blazaria’s Amateur Translations? And now their targets are re-library and WW…. 😠. It’s sad but what to do I like all of these platforms. But they shouldn’t be too greedy.SHM…….

    1. Well, Re:Library hasn’t really been targetted yet, but it is only the matter of time. WuxiaWorld is currently their biggest competitor, and if Qidian successfully takes down WuxiaWorld, they will then move on to other smaller translation groups.

        1. Ql is stupid……if they keep taking down websites and the translators r pissed……what the **** are they gonna do then cuz I seriously doubt they have time and energy to translate all the good novels, nor the human resources

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