World of Immortals Chapter 225

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This chapter is brought to you by:
Translator – Silva
Editor – Fade
Proofreader – ???

Uhhh… Yeah, I know, another late release, so here’s another corner of my “excuse”, as well as a bad news for you all.

The main reason for my slow release, as you all know, is due to the nature of my current job. I just don’t have enough time to translate while maintaining my normal, everyday life. I’ve stopped gaming ever since I started translating about a year or two ago. If I do, I could only play for a few hours a week at most.

Recently, I’ve been hooked by a game which I played since childhood, Maple Story. And that’s another half of the reason why my translation pace slowed down yet again.

With that said, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with my promised 1 chapter per week. From now on, I will only do 1 chapter per month. But there’s a catch! I will continue to translate as much as I could and every time the novel reached a new arc or when I feel that there is no cliffhanger, I will release all the chapters at once.

However, only for the Patrons (or what’s left of it anyway), I will release those said chapters whenever I finish translating and editing them. So check out my Patreon page for updates.

3 thoughts on “World of Immortals Chapter 225”

  1. a month? sigh, thats way too slow. honestly, you should give this up if you only have enough time to do 1 a month. sigh, i really loved this novel. guess i’ll find the raws and MTL it. good luck in the future bro.

    1. Well, would you rather have 1 chapter a month or none at all? If anyone is willing to pick it all, I’m all for it. But the point is, nobody has expressed interest in picking up this project yet.

      Anyways, good luck in machine translating this.

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