World of Immortals Chapter 193

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This chapter is brought to you by:
Translator – Silva
Editor -???
Proofreader – ???

I think it has already been a month now since I started working with my father. So far, it seems like the best I can promise is one chapter per week. However, I wish I can slowly get back to my previous schedule of three chapters per week, but first, gotta try and build up some stockpile.

And as usual, here is another corner of Silva’s two cents regarding his job:

This job is tiring but I guess it’s all good in the end. Ever since my dad was involved in a car accident a few months back, he had been having hard time falling asleep, but he said he has been sleeping soundly after I started working with him. I guess it puts a lot of stress off his shoulders knowing he has someone to take over for him.

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