RE: The Old & New Developer

Since our previous developer had left us without saying a word, I’ve decided to kick him out of the team and invited someone who had been offering tips to help us tweak our site when we were facing problems as our new site developer.

Regarding the Old Developer, I’ve only recently received news from one of his editors that he was going through a tough times. It seems to be quite a sensitive matter, so I won’t be saying what it is.

However, regarding my point of view regarding this matter, no matter how bad the situation turned out to be, the least he could do was to drop us a message saying he’ll be gone for an undefined time and we’d be totally A-OK with it.

The point is, he didn’t do it, he just up and disappear for months. That’s just not right, I mean, when you are working in a company, and you come back months later saying you have some issues to deal with, do you think the company would be like, oh is that so, and let you be back in the company after you disappear on them for months without a word? If I was the CEO of the company, I definitely wouldn’t let him back to the team, it’s bad ethic.

To make the matter worst, he was caught playing DOTA2 on “Steam” by some members on our discord chat server. If he’s good enough to play games, he could have dropped by to say a few words. Anything he say beyond that point just sounded like an excuse to me, and I find myself unable to trust anything he said anymore, especially with the disappointment this self-hosting collaboration thing he had brought upon us.

To conclude, the old developer will forever be known as Trashyate. Call me cold-hearted as you may, but I’m not falling for the sympathetic trick.

Moving on to the New Developer, please give a round of applause to Amaranthine. He was the one who built our discord bots for us and was the one who gave us most of the site tweaking tips. I believe he will be a very beneficial addition to our team.

With the removal of Re:Zero project, we now don’t have to limit ourselves to offshore servers anymore. We’ve talked about moving to some unmanaged VPS and he said he’ll borrow us some space in his server for a test run so we can decide on how much space to buy when we actually move.


4 thoughts on “RE: The Old & New Developer”

  1. Considering what responsibilities he had here, unless he was physically incapable of sending word, he should have done so. On that point I agree with you.

    That being said what was the point of putting “To conclude, the old developer will forever be known as Trashyate. Call me cold-hearted as you may, but I’m not falling for the sympathetic trick.”, and then again in the comments, “Rest in Peace, Trashyate. Amen.”?

    I wouldn’t call that cold hearted. At the least I would call that being petty and possibly going as far as calling it childish.

    Lets use your company example. After firing such a person from their company do you think the CEO would then start referring to them as “trash” to everyone? If that wasn’t bad enough what if they then went to all the biographies / business cards / ect. that contained their name and changed it to trash. Would that go over well? Of course not. Its not professional. Hardly anyone would be willing to work for or even do business with a company that had a CEO like that.

    In short, other then to be petty / childish, there was zero reason to go through the extra effort of changing his profile and letting everyone know that you are going to be calling him trash from now on.

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