Sel’s Unlucky Situation

Hey everyone. You might have noticed that I didn’t post a chapter yesterday. No, this time I didn’t go to sleep early, instead it’s because my external hard drive seems to have broken (well the light is still on when I plug it in, but I can’t access he storage whether I plug it in to a mac or PC), and that’s where my translations are stored.

Since I rather not have to translate the same chapter twice, I’m going to see if I can fix it or get it fixed. So.. Any suggestions?



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  1. Hey selutu , It would help if you gave model name of the drive . These are the points of failure for external hard drives :
    1)the cable is faulty (usually the places where they plug in are rusted/loose) ; Sometimes PC shows usb but due to poor connection you cannot access the drive .
    2)The external dock – the external hdd is just a case + sata-to-usb converter . If this is bad then you can just open the case and take the hdd and put it inside the desktop with a sata cable and it will work 100% . If you have a laptop , then you can buy a external hdd dock for around 10-30$ .
    this is less likely though
    3) The HDD itself became corrupted – either the disks or the drive heads or the motor failed – usually occurs due to heat/bad quality manf , etc. – this means you lost it 100% , just get warranty replaccement
    4) There is a fault with the filesystem/windows mounting of filesystem – this is usually recoverable to some degree at least – type ‘compmgmt.msc’ in run and look at the disk manager part and tell me what you see . I use a software called stellar phoenix data recovery (so wuxia the name heh) . It can get at least some of the stuff back if you accidentally delete or unplug the hdd without safely remove or windows corrupted teh data randomly (rare but has happened to me )

    HDD are shit quality these days – used to be a time when 5 yr warranty was standard even on concumer drives , now its 1-2 yrs max for consumer grade .

    Hope it helps
    PS:email me if you need specific help – thnx a lot for your translation 🙂

  2. Hey one way is to take out the hard driver and instal it inside the computer. Maby that will fix some falty conection or use program that fix missing importen segment.

    1. There may also be a faulty connection within the hard drive itself depending on its size and brand. Some of them are literally just a Flash drive within a larger case wired to a few others inside it. If some of the wires come loose then the drive may activate but not read. In that case it should be recoverable.

  3. It could be a bad cable that connects your computer to your drive or your read and write permission could have been messed up or maybe a bad driver or worst case scenario your drive is corrupted/broken can u give more details like is it an ssd or not does it show up on your computer but you cant open it. The details are important it can’t be properly diagnosis with out them.

    1. The cable is fine. Basically what it is is that the computer can sense that something is plugged into the USB port, but it cannot read any of the information since the disk representing the hard drive doesn’t show up.

      1. If you haven’t already i would try reinstalling the driver. on some external drives there is a lock switch that could have been switched on. If it really is corrupted or broken the best u could do would be to take it to somewhere that specializes in data recovery.

  4. Kek, that’s why I always say; save your important files in cloud service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Even if your computer hardware failed, at least you have backup somewhere.

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