World of Immortals Chapter 189

If you haven’t read the Status Update, I recommend you read it first. Then, you can start reading Chapter 189 HERE.

This chapter is brought to you by:
Translator – Silva
Editor -???
Proofreader – ZetZo
Sponsor – Ikram & Joseph

This is the only chapter I managed to translate during the week. First week of work and I’m getting muscle ache all over the place. This work is every bit as hard as I’ve expected, but at least it satisfy one of my requirements: To spend more time with my family. Since my father was always at work, I rarely get to spend time with him, so… I guess it’s not half bad, minus the manual labor and working under the sun.

A big thanks to Ikram and Joseph who pledged to me on Patreon this week. Especially Joseph, who pledged a whooping $40 per month! Now that I have at least $100 of pledge per month, I asked my father to let me take a few days off per week to focus on translating. However, I didn’t get a clear answer, all he said was that as long as I finish my work first. I guess that means as long as we don’t have much work request, I may stay at home to translate.

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