Fight Against Video Ads

First of all, we’ve just recently been approved by Adsense, so we can finally serve some ads on our site. However, the thing with Adsense is that they are serving thousands and thousands of ads out there, including some of the annoying flash or video ads, which eats up your valuable mobile data and bandwidth.

To help us fight against the video ads;

Please provide the link ID (you can find this by right clicking on the ad and copying ad link), the date/time the ad appeared, the URL where you see the ad, and a screenshot of the ad. Then please send these information to [email protected].

Alternatively, you can try these methods to block the annoying video ads:

How to stop Autoplaying Ads on Chrome/Firefox/IE

How to disable Autoplay videos on mobile phones

I won’t blame you for disabling autoplay on video ads, since we hate them just as much. As long as you are willing to turn off your Adblock to support us, that is more than enough.

Thank you and Best Regards.

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