[MVK Arc 2] Chapter 62

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Extra news on rest of post.

Read the bold for the long and short.

So I finally moved all of the chapters to the new site and revised them. Looking back…wow. I am genuinely surprised that anyone is still reading it with how many inconsistencies there was.

I mean, in one chapter I said he was at the Level 10 Dragon stage and then for the next 12 chapters I said he was at Level 4. WTF! Thankfully I changed all that and have learned from my mistakes. Hindsight is 20/20 and I have learned to go back and double check all of the facts before writing it in.

Anyways on to the news.

As a celebration for successfully moving and revising the chapters there will be another release! The second will be some time tomorrow so don’t be frustrated with that cliff.

Revision notes: Changed story plots to foreshadow scenes, made everything consistent with the glossary, plus added in the outer meridians. There are 8 major meridians. The first major meridian, the outer meridians, is a collection of minor meridians under the skin. Each major meridian has 10 blockage points. Unblocking one means moving onto the next level. 


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