Site Status #3

According to Site Status #1, I talked about how we are lacking resources. According to Site Status #2, I elaborated the problems and pointed out a few things we did wrong. And now, in this post, I will talk about what we have done to fix it.

First thing first, we have downloaded and installed WP Super Cache. After setting that up properly, we noticed a considerable boost to our loading speed. Previously, I think W3 Total Cache was broken. For some reason, it consumed 500MB of our Disk Space and keeps increasing.

Next, we downloaded and installed WP Performance Score Booster. It helps us compress our files so that they can be served to the end-users faster. Not only that, they set the expiry date of the static cache files to one month or more so that the end-users would not need to another download of the same static files the next time they visit the webpage.

After that, we’ve registered for Cloudflare (free), which offered a free CDN service that I covered in Site Status #2. But of course, we can further improve our site performance by using a paid CDN alongside Cloudflare.

After doing this much, we have noticed a considerable boost to our site performance, and there seems to be less stress on our server too. If all goes well, the server shouldn’t be crashing anymore. I have done all I can to tweak the site from the front-end. Now, we just need to wait for Hayate to finish tweaking the site from back-end. After which, we should see another boost to the site performance, hopefully.


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