Chapter 10 – Kill Without Hesitation

When the sun was about to set, the three discovered a rocky wall in front of them, the wall was more than hundred meters tall. The trees in the vicinity were also more concentrated in contrast. They decided to climb on top of the cliff and rest there for the night.

After they finished their dinner, the last shred of sunlight finally faded, the color of the sky darken rapidly. However, as this island was filled with numerous ancient beasts, it was equally dangerous at night.

Staying on top of the cliff was a wise decision. When the darkness had enveloped the world, many wild beasts would roam around in the mountain woods. The howling sound of the beasts never ceased.

It was a hot and stuffy night, black clouds had enveloped the sky overhead the island. However, there wasn’t a single drop of rain falling. The night was pitch-black, the mountain woods far away had also blended with the darkness, it was impossible to see the scenery clearly.

In the latter half of the night, a tremendous roar appeared to have shook the cliff. A gale blew from the gaps of the mountain woods, carrying a bloody and baleful aura.

Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue sealed their sense of hearing immediately. That sound could suppress the sudden clap of thunder, it makes the airflow in their ears rumbled violently! If they did not protect their eardrums in time, it would certainly be ruptured!

That tremendous beastly roar could even shake the heaven and earth, it was very intimidating indeed!

In the mountain woods far away, there was a huge monster with a layer of indistinct green radiance enveloping its entire body, it faced the sky and roared. The distance between them was too great, they were unable to make out its appearance clearly. However, they could vaguely see that it was as tall as a hill.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The huge and vicious beast was bellowing as it moved forward in the mountain woods. Although they were on top of a precipice, they could still feel a little bit of vibration transmitted from a distant location. This was an extremely mind-blowing scene!

It should be the ancient beast that was formerly fighting with the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon.

Endless wild beasts ran in all directions, that part of the mountain woods burst into a state of chaos.

Just around this time, Xiao Chen finally makes his move!

The tremendous roar filled the heaven and earth, the stream of air rumbled violently, every sound was concealed by the waves of the roar. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen thrust left hand towards Liew Yue’s back like a knife. Meanwhile, his right hand drew the long sword that was hanging on his waist.

Blood gushed out as he brandished the long sword!

With his back facing Xiao Chen, Wang Zi Feng who was surveying the surrounding from an elevated position let out a miserable shriek as his right arm fell from the overhanging cliff.

Kill without hesitation!

Everything happened in an instant, there wasn’t any delayed motion!

Liew Yue directly received a fatal strike, but Wang Zi Feng was too sharp. Even if he couldn’t perceive anything, his sharp intuition informed him of dangers approaching. His instinct allowed him to escape death, but his right arm was forever lost.

Xiao Chen was waiting for a golden opportunity all along! The dreadful sound waves enveloped the world, causing Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue to temporarily lose their five senses. While they were momentarily distracted by the frightening beast, Xiao Chen finally had the opportunity to rebel.

Liew Yue’s miserable cry was masked by the ear-splitting roar of the beast, but she did not die instantly. She actually pounced on Xiao Chen even while she was swaying unsteadily. Meanwhile, the one-armed Wang Zi Feng whose entire body was covered by bloodstain bellowed in a fit of rage. He grabbed the double-edged sword with his left hand and attacked Xiao Chen.

They were extremely angry, never had they thought that their target would actually grab this brief opportunity to attack them!

In the middle of the night, Xiao Chen was extremely cool-headed. The long sword in his hand emitted a gorgeous radiance like a rainbow. Without any hesitation, he beheaded Liew Yue in a split second.

Under the glorious light of the double-edged sword, Liew Yue’s falling head was filled with regret, she doesn’t want to believe what had just occurred. Her beautiful complexion was filled with ruefulness as her head fell to the bottom of the cliff, blood gushed out violently from her headless body.

Even if that was the number one beauty in the world, Xiao Chen wouldn’t think twice either. An enemy is an enemy, he wouldn’t be swayed by any reasons!

The black clouds rumbled high above the sky, one after another lightning fell from the sky and danced wildly. The infinite lightning in the dark sky seemed especially threatening.

Xiao Chen and Wang Zi Feng exchanged blows on top of the rocky precipice. The long sword was like a white silk as it splits the darkness. In the end, the long sword seemed to have become one with the unceasing lightning strike!

As the distinguished disciple of the Demon King, Wang Zi Feng’s natural talent was extremely profound, however his arm was chopped so easily. The blood gushed out violently, it became harder for him to force himself to stand straight. At last, he abandoned the long sword on his hand and tossed it towards Xiao Chen with ferocious force. The ray of the sword seemed as if it could shred the air.

Xiao Chen hastily evaded this incomparably sharp sword. Meanwhile, Wang Zi Feng tossed another object at Xiao Chen, it appeared to be a scroll. A terrifying and mighty energy spread out from the scroll, relying on his keen intuition, Xiao Chen detected a great danger approaching.

The scroll faced the wind and spread out like a painting scroll. At this moment, Xiao Chen genuinely felt that his life was in danger. He felt as if the Death God was closing in, a huge and deathly chain had already wrapped around his neck!

Xiao Chen jumped down the cliff without any hesitation, this was his only method to quickly break away from this deathly aura.

A whizzing sound whisked past the ears, a pretty red light erupted on top of the rocky precipice, followed by a dazzling radiance that completely enveloped the apex of the precipice. The one-armed Wang Zi Feng also jumped down without the slightest hesitation. The frightening radiance engulfed the apex of the precipice and filled the air with a deathly aura.

Below the cliff was a sea of forest, a lot of ancient trees reached up the height of several tens of meters. The instant Xiao Chen fell into the thicket, he moved his arms and legs simultaneously to cushion the fall. Every vine was his protective talisman.

He dropped all the way down in this kind of method. Except for his qi and blood, as well as suffering from a light internal injury, he didn’t suffer from any major setback. The instant he fell to the ground, Wang Zi Feng had also landed. He was covered in bloodstain from head to toe and his hair was dishevelled. He was in an extremely sorry state.

After picking up the long sword on the ground, Xiao Chen rushed forward rapidly. One must not be merciful towards one’s enemies!

Wang Zi Feng actually rushed over bare-handed and strike with his only hand. A divine light similar to rainbow spread from the heart of his palm make contact with the long sword. Xiao Chen felt as if his right arm had been struck by a thunderbolt. A terrifying power was transferred to his long sword and it started to tremble violently. After that, the sword started to produce a brittle sound, it was actually beginning to break apart!

Unexpectedly, only the sword hilt of the refined iron sword remained in the end. Xiao Chen was unable to avoid the attack so he cast aside the sword hilt and pushed his palms forward with all his might. A dazzling radiance illuminated the night sky, the sound of wind and thunder echoed throughout the forest, everything was submerged by the multicolored light.

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